Astronavigation today

Mountainous amounts of astronomical documentation, calculators, drawing utensils and the ability to handle it all was until recently state of the art to be able to navigate with the sun or any other celestial body.

That’s over, and anyone can now navigate using a sextant, a mobile device and the sun, without having attended a training and without needing to have any knowledge of mathematics or astronomy.

The decision to carry an astronavigation backup on board in the sense of good seamanship is thus made much easier, and even in the face of three independent satellite navigation systems.

Post-Modern Astronavigation

navigating barrier-free with the sun
  • The history of astronavigation,
  • the new method with a navigation app and
  • the description of the exact analytical navigation methods, which had to be rejected in favour of the graphical approximation  methods 150 years ago because there were no computers

 are presented in the following articles. To call up the chapters, the pictures must be clicked on.

1 History of astronavigation
2 The sunnavigation app
3 Quick sextant lesson
4 Analytical positioning
5 & 6 Dead reckoning and great circle calculation
7 Equation of Time and Sunalmanac
8 The original Gaussian solution of the two star sight problem (1812)
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